My main beef with klk is that it offends me so much to the point of where I get physically ill when I see ANYTHING from it. So I don't watch it, don't reblog it. But nobody seems to want to tag it or they only think they need to tag it when it's the fan service scenes. I don't want to unfollow like 10 people I like just because they don't think it is an issue, but damn it I hate when people won't tag it.

have you already tried asking them to tag it? if they still don’t tag it after you ask, i’d just unfollow

i’m tired of reading posts about how kill la kill is bad/tasteless, but i’m just as tired of people trying to defend the show

if someone doesn’t like kill la kill after watching a few episodes, why bother telling them their impression is wrong? they’re just going to be annoyed that this opinion is being pushed upon them, as if they’re being told,”no no you just don’t get it yet… but once you realize, it’ll be /good/”

i think the people vehemently defending the show are merely giving others justification to not even sit through one episode before formulating the opinion that kill la kill is bad- for example, “i don’t want to watch it because i heard there was too much fanservice, and these other people are replying to a kill la kill defense post saying that the show was trash so i know i’m making the right decision”

i think kill la kill is great, but i’m not going to bother defending it to someone who’s already made up their mind about the show, especially if they’ve already seen several episodes. klk is just polarizing in nature, and people need to realize that.

also, it’s probably just me, but i get bummed out when i read posts shitting on klk… i like it so much and i’m not trying to convert anyone into liking the show, but these negative comments are so pervasive… i just want to enjoy this anime in peace

anyway, i wish people could stop fighting about this